Be a candle maker at Ballyroe, Leap

We are offering candle making workshops for children since 2019. We are excited to show the kids of West Cork how to make candles in a safe and fun way. We show the kids wax pellets which we melt, we show them how the wick comes into the candle and create together little masterpieces out of wax.


We have already made a lot of experiences with the candle making workshops in the area and the workshops became more popular over the years. We were at several markets and had around 1000 little artists in the workshops so far. We were also in the Leap National School to "teach" how to make your own candles. We recommend the workshop for kids from four.


We use two melting stations from the Exagon company (type 30). They are EU-approved and have been used in Switzerland and Germany for decades for candle making workshops. We heat up the paraffin (wax) in containers which are swimming in hot water. The hot water is sealed inside the "pot" so the little artists are protected. The melting point for paraffin itself is approximately 46-68 degrees Celsius so it wouldn't be dangerous even if a  child put the hand inside a container full of wax.

Every child makes their own candle (dipping candle) and can take them home. Every candle looks different and is a unique masterpiece.


PS we charge EUR 4.50 for each 100g you use for the candles. This means that we put the candles you made on a scale and if your candle is p.e. 125g you'd pay EUR 5.65. So you can make as many and as heavy candles as you like during your time slot. You can pay them at the end of the workshop.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd need more information about the workshops!



book your time slot for the workshops of the 20th of May 2022 (21st of May is not available anymore)!

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